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PCD Maltron Left-Handed Keyboard
This single-hand keyboard is one of three keyboards co-designed for users with a physical disability by British electronic products manufacturer Stephen Hobday and keyboard training expert Lillian Malt. The original single-hand keyboard was developed…

Pauline Ulrey and Leader Dog, Keller, 1986
Pauline Ulrey pictured with her Leader Dog, Keller, in 1986

Pauline Ulrey and Leader Dog, Danny, 1963
Pauline Ulrey is pictured with her first dog, Danny, after her introduction to the Leader Dog program of Rochester, Michigan, in 1963.

Bikey Smith with Vice President Richard Nixon
Byron (“Bikey”) Smith, age 8, on the lap of Vice President Richard Nixon during a trip to Washington D.C. in 1953. Byron, then a student at the Indiana School for the Blind, was in the capitol with his parents as the guest of a Chicago television…

Indiana Wheelchair Games Ribbons
These ribbons are examples of first, second, and third place prizes awarded at the Indiana Wheelchair Games in 1982.

Byron "Bikey" Smith at Rogers Elementary School
This photo shows Byron ("Bikey") Smith in his sixth grade classroom at Rogers Elementary School in Bloomington, Indiana during the 1956-7 school year. When Byron entered Rogers that year, it was the first time a pupil had been transferred to a public…