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The Power of Parent Advocacy - Pat Howey on Parental Roles in Special Education
"She shouldn't have to be put on a bus and spend 45 minutes on a bus one way to go to school," explains Pat Howey of her daughter's experience at six years old being sent to a school for children with physical disabilities. Pat discusses her…

Pauline Ulrey and Leader Dog, Keller, 1986
Pauline Ulrey pictured with her Leader Dog, Keller, in 1986

Pauline Ulrey and Leader Dog, Danny, 1963
Pauline Ulrey is pictured with her first dog, Danny, after her introduction to the Leader Dog program of Rochester, Michigan, in 1963.

He's Staying at Home - Muriel LaDuke on Tim, Her Son with Disabilities
Muriel LaDuke's third child, Tim, was born in New Albany, Indiana with physical disabilities. A few months after his birth in 1959, a doctor told her not to bother teaching Tim to do anything. When Tim was about five, doctors suggested Muscatatuck.…